King of Avalon Mod Apk v16.0.0 (Unlimited Gold)

Become the heir of King Arthur and lead his knights in a fantasy war. Build, train, and fight with your city, army, and dragon. Join allies and conquer the throne!
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This Dragon warfare game brings a hell of fun inside its gameplay that is worth playing. Get ready to rule as a king in the King of Avalon Mod apk, a strategy-based game where you will be killing and conquering nonstop. You will have a little kingdom, and you can rule there like a real king. You need to fight and conquer as many stats as you can. Nobody can stop you from becoming a great emperor inside this epic game by Century Games Publishing.

After making impacting changes, developers have brought this mod version of the King of Avalon apk. With this version of the game, you will be having unlimited money, unlimited gold, all heroes unlocked, and ads-free gameplay, and much more to enjoy. You will be enjoying this game in the world’s top-class graphics. Also, with some super amazing sounds. So, download this epic game and keep enjoying it limitlessly.

How to play the King of Avalon Mod apk:

Playing this game is very simple as it provides you with an easy to understandable gaming mechanism with pretty easy controls. King of Avalon will take you back to an age of superstition, knights in shining armor, and myth! You’ll rise your own empire from weakling peasantry to supreme royalty.

The legends are true! It pays to be king. Your kingdom is the most valuable asset, rivaled only by being part of a guild. Expand your borders to keep your land safe from other kings who are just trying to take it away. Every neighboring territory that has open space is bound to become another city for you to build up. With the best skills at arms, the sharpest wits to give you winning strategies, and being part of a social alliance with other players helps tremendously for strategizing war tactics against enemies you have no choice but to face. King of Avalon is unlike any game, depending on one’s knowledge of medieval combat.

So, knock your dragon today and start your journey to be a king. This all starts with your army and the fights you do in the PVP quests. Excalibur is waiting for you! All in all, this is truly something valuable for playing in your free time.

Features of King of Avalon apk:

It not only includes a bundle of strategies to play or fights to fight. There are countless features that all are worth looking for. The game brings never-ending playtime that is addictive and always gives you something to play when you feel like you are at the end. So, please have a look at the features of this masterpiece.

Enjoy a Multiplayer Gameplay:
The game has awareness everywhere around. There’s a lot of danger and drama going around. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. However, you and your army allies need to be prepared for any event that may unfold.

We know it can be hard to deal with everything on your own. So, make sure you’re building up and upgrading your bases as well as amassing epic armies. It’s not always about eliminating enemies. Some battles are simply more about preserving what you’ve already built up and learned (and thankfully, there will always be allies like yourself)!

We want to remind you that even though one is complete with their tasks in the middle of a given day, do not un-ally yourself too quickly. Because it can get exhausting dealing with issues on one’s own.

king of avalon gameplay

If you’re out there rallying people to stand against specific GvE Barbarian Leaders. Or PvP bullies who like to call themselves kings of the castle, make sure that they will work alongside you by planning the battles together and making decisions as a team.

Therefore, whenever moving forward, remember, never go at it alone, it doesn’t matter if you are going on or off the battlefield! This means always having your allies with you wherever you go fighting in the battle.

Build Strategies:
Send a spy to your enemies’ castles before waging war with them! There are four different ways to train a dragon: dragons which you let roam the wild, dragons that you will breed in captivity, dragons that were previously owned but have been captured and now join your army’s ranks, and dragons that have been rescued from captivity.

Dragons heavily guard the enemy’s castle. Train the dragon quickly to work in your fantasy army. Especially if you want them to battle in your company’s fantasy war period! Send a spy to your enemies with your army before attacking them!

There are four different ways to train a dragon. Dragons which you let roam the wild. And the dragons that you will breed in captivity. Dragons that were previously owned but have been captured and now join your army’s ranks. And dragons that have been rescued from captivity.

King of Avalon: Dominion

Enjoy the Epic playtime:
Inside the game, you can play with thousands of players all around the world. This also gives you the chance to chat with them in a real-time multiplayer game full of wars. With this, you need to stay advanced inside this game. Keep searching and mastering your skills. Also, know the techniques when you need to appear before the enemies and when to disappear. This will make you sure that you have a leading edge over the other ruthless magic players inside these wars.

Build an empire:
Love building your own imaginations? Countless monsters and dragons await your commands in this thrilling free MMO fantasy adventure! Build the foundations of an Empire that will outlive a dragon-fire war zone so you can experience a realistic life of a ruler in every mission. In this king of Avalon dragon warfare mod apk, manage and produce resources to build your army, conquer the kingdom, and win the throne so that you can live happily ever after.

Mod Features of the King of Avalon Mod Apk:

Despite enjoying countless things inside the gameplay of this epic strategy-based game, you can also be independent. Therefore, feel no worries about paying less because you are in the mod version of the game. Here, you will have unlimited gold, unlimited supplies, all heroes unlocked, and much more. So, what else is stopping you? Fall for it today and make it legendary.

Unlimited Gold:
Do you know the real importance of having gold inside this game? Without it, you cannot even survive. Therefore, you can have gold by making it through the game, winning awards, and doing more. Also, you can have this gold by spending the real bucks from your pocket. That sounds pretty not good because you will be paying money from your pocket.

That is why, considering your needs, team of developers has brought this mod version of the game for you. With the king of Avalon mods, you will never feel low on having gold inside the game. So, start playing nonstop today and make the world wonder.

All Heroes are unlocked:
The second most appraising facility of this mod version is the availability of having all the heroes unlocked. With the king of Avalon mod apk, you will have the ability to choose any hero of your desire. And play as much as you want. Now, you don’t need to make hustle or spend gold for unlocking a particular hero inside the game. This mod version is bringing each and everything fully organized, packed, and easily accessible.

Unlimited Resources:
Heroes and troops inside the game need to eat, and need wood to build. Plus, they need Iron and silver for doing other stuff. Where you had to pay money for getting these resources in the King of Avalon apk, this mod version is great. This brings everything unlimited, so you don’t need to be worried about anything. You will just ask for a thing, and it will be present before you.

So, keep heading and stay filled with a meal while fighting wars. Have unlimited wood to build whatever offenses or territories you wanna build. Get Iron and make some stylish but killing weapons. If not Iron, silver is also there. It’s your choice as this game has much to offer.

Ads-free gameplay:
Ads are totally removed in this king of Avalon dominion mod apk mod version of the game. You don’t have to stop or wait for long intervals because there are ads that disturb you. The game is smoother and finest for playing fantastically on your android device. So, get your weapon and start playing this masterpiece without asking questions.

Other Mod Features of the Game:

Besides the above-described ones, you will have the following in an unlocked capacity. Please have a look at what you are getting more.

  • This mod version offers you all the skills of the dragons unlocked. This means you will be more powerful than before. You can train your dragons quickly. And enjoy the speedy gameplay.
  • Also, the mod version gives you unlocked Dragon EXP. This will make you upgrade your dragon skills to the maximum level. Meaning that you will feel extra stronger. This facility is also free and unlimited.
  • There is another important thing inside the game that is dragon emblems. You will have fully upgraded emblems inside this mod version of the game. These will help your dragons stay extra stronger in the battles. Plus, win some fastest wars with other territories.
king of avalon download

How to download the King of Avalon mod apk (Unlocked everything)

If you are desperate to have this game on your mobile phone in no time, then wait no longer. Click on the download king of war mod apk and start the downloading process of this game. Once downloaded, you can install this game without any hassles on your android device.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How are the graphics of the King of Avalon online war game?
King of Avalon is a strategy-based online war game. The game’s graphics are amazing, and you will be mesmerized by all the beautiful and colorful graphics and visuals of the game. It is a Chinese-style fantasy role-playing game, and the graphics do not disappoint. It means you can play the game on any device, and it only takes a few seconds to load.

Is this game available for free?
Yes, this game is available for free. Even the mod version of this game with all the features unlocked is free on this page. Just download it and give your free time something worth playing.

Can I play this game offline?
No, you can only play this game while having internet connectivity. This cannot run offline, and you shouldn’t try as well.

Is the king of Avalon mod apk safe?
Absolutely yes, the game is totally safe. Your device gets no harm and defections when you download and install this masterpiece over it. Only one click, and you are good to go.

Final thoughts:

We can feel the great time you have after downloading the King of Avalon Mod apk on your touch device. The quality graphics, unlimited unlocked features with a mod version, and much more are worth playing. But don’t forget, your ultimate mission is to get the Excalibur, the most powerful sword in the world. You will have a whole world before you where you can build, defeat and conquer.

With this, please stay tuned for the latest updates. However, if you have any queries or information to look for, let us know through the comment box. Have a lovely day! Wish you luck in playing.

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1. New Event: The Ballad of Orlando.
2. Pre-Anniversary Event: Camelot Tournament.

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