State of Survival Mod Apk 1.19.0 (Unlimited biocaps, money)

State of Survival is a popular mobile game where you survive the apocalypse. You will create your Settlement, find Survivors, and fight zombies. You will also upgrade your skills, explore the world, and have fun with role-playing.
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Collect your arsenal and gather your team. Because you are going to fight against the ruthless zombies in the State of Survival mod apk. This strategy-based game contains a hell of fun, thrill, and amusement. The game starts after 6 months when the zombie infection has already spread in the country. You need to clean the city and make your survival possible. You will be fighting with zombies, searching for bio camps, food and doing much inside this tactic game by KingsGroup Holdings.

mod state of survival

Additional Information:

Even though the playing mechanism of this mod version of the game is similar to the State of survival apk, you will be more independent in this one. This is because a team of developers has brought this modified version for you. Here you can get unlimited money, unlimited Bio caps, stamina, food, ads-free gameplay, and much more. So, what is stopping you from falling into this masterpiece? Download the game today and prove to this world that you are strong and able enough to survive through a zombie apocalypse.

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Apocalyptical Gameplay of the State of Survival Mod apk:

The gameplay of this mod state of survival game is of the apocalyptical type where you have to survive and get through several missions alive. Zombies can kill you in no seconds. Therefore, you have to prove that you are strong enough to beat them.

It’s been a period of 6 months since the apocalypse started. There is no food and life. The only things are horror, terror, and fighting against the zombies. You have to survive the initial invasion of the zombie apocalypse. This is not as easy as it sounds. Zombies are hungry and ferocious all the time and you have to keep them away from your house. To defend your home, you need to build a strong defense system. You can build a number of different defenses. This includes walls and spikes, and you can place them wherever you want. You can also build shooting posts and barricades. The barricades can be used to kill the zombies and to protect your shooting posts and important buildings.

You’ll start as a beginner. But as you level up, you’ll unlock new guns and gear, and the ability to play more characters. The game features two game modes, Campaign Mode and Survival Mode.

  • Survival Mode is where you’ll face endless waves of zombies.
  • Campaign Mode has you surviving for as long as you can against waves of zombies.

Overall, it is something much worth playing, but it all depends on how you survive through this.

Gameplay of State of Survival

Features of State of Survival Mod apk:

The game comes with plenty of features that are all worth appraising and worth playing for. You don’t feel like skipping anything because you will be playing at your best. Please have a look at what you will be playing inside the game. It is a fact that you will not disappoint.

Unlimited Money:
The game offers you unlimited money so that you can update your resources. And get everything you need for your survival. With this unlocked feature, you can buy deadly weapons, bombs for exploding the zombies, arsenal, bullets, and much more. You won’t feel low on anything because, with this feature, there is nothing that you cannot have.

Unlimited Bio Caps:
It is a premium currency that you can only get by paying money. This is used to unlock specific features that can otherwise be potentially very expensive. These features include VIP subscriptions. Also, permanently opening the second building queue, purchasing items in bulk to sell for profit, and completing challenges effortlessly.

This is why the mod version of this State of survival mod apk unlimited biocaps game comes with an unlimited Biocaps feature so that you too can increase your wealth without having to drain your bank account at all.

Unlimited Food:
Nobody can indeed survive without food, whether it is inside the game or in the real world. Therefore, you will need to have food in order to stay alive and well inside the game.

Also, taking care of the troops in State of Survival Mod Apk is essential and can’t be neglected. Without food, they won’t be able to execute their missions properly, and you will risk weakening your defenses or borders. Fortunately, we have a solution that can help you spend less time running off to hunt food. And more time exploring resources around you. This is the unlimited food feature of the game.

All you need to do is to download this game on your device. And choose any server so that you can begin playing immediately with this excellent feature. We guarantee this will also positively impact how your neighbors think of you.

Unlimited Stamina:
In State of Survival Mod Apk, the stamina bar is also unlimited. You need stamina all the time to get through the game. We know how frustrating it is in a state of survival apk when you’re out there fighting zombies with limited stamina.

In this particular version, players will not have to worry about refilling their stamina. Or waiting for it to come back. So go ahead and hunt down zombies at your leisure, knowing you won’t be forced to break off from what you’re doing.

state of survival mod unlimited everything

Missions can be Auto Completed:
If you’ve ever wished you could speed up time so that your in-game structures. And units would be completed instantaneously. We have a great new mod which allows you to do just that.

While running this particular mod, any building or troop training you initiate will be expedited. So that they are finished sooner than anticipated. This means more resources, which means being able to build more significant encampments/bases.

Another great thing about this modded State of affairs is, of course, the fact that it allows your workers to perform tasks other than their usual roles. For example, you could use them at non-essential points in time for scouting dangerous territory.

Opened VIP Store:
If you play State of Survival for a while, you’ll know that there’s a VIP store opened only to high-level players. And we all understand why. Since new and casual players may overwhelm it and cause conflicts between actual VIP members and newcomers. But the VIP store in the State of Survival Mod APK is open for everyone. Try to discover something valuable from it.

Enjoy the best Strategy Multiplayer game time:
This is the new world out there, a whole new shooting survival multiplayer. This game gives you a new world full of zombies. you will be playing in the best survival multiplayer game time with this. Based on an entirely new concept to build your own story, shoot down zombies in this destructive time. Gather gold, coins, and anything else required to survive during these times.

Whether you want to create a PVP army or play against your friends. Map guns are essential in order to target zombies effectively. Instead of shooting or fighting directly with other players in this survival game, you have to be wise in choosing battles to win the war. Survive the horror beat the zombie apocalypse war in this different strategy game.

Rebuild your settlements:
The survivors in your group are in desperate need of a haven, So you must begin expanding your settlement to establish an area that will provide the all-important protection against the virus of the walking dead. You can’t just hide in one place for too long or even try to run away. Eventually, the zombies will catch up with you.

This is not only about keeping your people alive for as long as possible. But also submitting them to rigorous training in preparation for survival by facing this virus head-on. Knowing how to defend yourself and fight off zombies is crucial. In a world overrun by the undead, you must survive if you wish to live.

Save the survivors and add more people in your group:
You have to save survivors from the zombie infestation in this survival game. If you find a survivor with a unique ability, they will be your hero in the plague war. Your goal is to get more numbers and strength by killing zombies.

To get stronger equipment and make more powerful weapons, you need to gather more survivors who have special powers. The more survivors you gather, the larger your group will be able to become.

Defeat all of the zombies in each stage of the game and acquire their powers for yourself. With enough energy, you’ll overlook any plague that comes your way.

The State Of Survival is a 3D Online Multiplayer Survival Game where you can build a homestead, a fortress, or a town. It’s a title that revolves around survival, exploration, and building.

So, even if you’re not a fan of survival games, you should still give the State of Survival a chance. Since the 3D graphics are outstanding and create a great gaming experience. The game has an excellent sound quality too.

You can play this mobile game with your family if you are looking for a family-friendly game. The State of Survival indeed would be the perfect choice for you.

Ads-free Gameplay:
State of Survival mods does not rely on the use of in-game ads in order to generate revenue. Instead, the delivered ads will be completely optional, with users free to choose whether or not they wish to watch them. State of Survival Apk is something very unique with its ads-free gameplay.

Download the State of Survival

Download the State of Survival Mod apk (Unlocked Everything)

Want to download the game and find no help? Click the State of survival mod unlimited download button  and make this best strategic and simulation game yours in no time. You will thank us later for blessing yourself with something like this.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this State of Survival game free?
Yes, this game is totally free of cost, and you can download its mod version right from this site. This will let you enjoy many features unlimitedly, and you will have to pay no price for them.

Is the State of Survival mod apk safe?
Yes, the game is totally safe and gives zero harm to your device. You can download it even with closed eyes, and it will make sure that you get something worth playing for. How about downloading it today?

Final Thoughts:

Have you downloaded this best apocalypse-based State of the Survival mod apk? Because if you didn’t, you should hurry to fall into its addictive game time. Install the game and show this world that you can save the world even from a deadly zombie virus. You will be playing with your friends, killing the zombies, collecting points,  and doing much more. The way you play it is entirely up to you.

So, this was all for today. Have a nice day! If you like the topic, please let us know. Also, stay tuned for more latest updates.

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