Hungry Dragon Mod Apk v4.9 (Unlimited money)

Fly and feast as a ravenous dragon in Hungry Dragon, a thrilling and fast-paced action game where you can devour anything and anyone!
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Do you dream of having your own dragon with which you can rule the world? Because if you ever dreamed about something like that, you are going to complete your desires in this Hungry Dragon Mod Apk. Get ready to make your dragon conquer cities for you and have unlimited fun inside this frantic flying action game.

Hungry Dragon Apk Mod

In this mod version, forget about the worries and limitations you have faced playing the Hungry Dragon Apk. Because, now, you will be able to access all the premium features for free and unlocked. Have your hands on this modified version of this super fantastic game, and fill your account with unlimited money. Moreover, you will also be having no ads to disturb you during the hungry dragon gameplay. So, give this wait a stop and download this hungry dragon game on your android mobile devices to make it a funfair for your daily leisure time activities.

Gameplay of Hungry Dragon Mod Apk:

The gameplay is simple, even for a newbie. Because all you will have to do is control different dragons fully and let them do various things. But don’t worry, it’s gonna be a bit hard training these ferocious dragons.

Here, you will have a dragon friend named Nibbler inside this game. The fact about Nibbler is that he remains hungry all the time. So, you will need to do your best in order to keep his belly full. He loves eating birds, animals, and other small or big creatures present inside the game. The more he eats, the more he gets stronger. But you will have to keep this constant as when you stop feeding him; he will strive to death. It’s just like having your own dragon in the real-life, and you must be preparing him for a war.

hungry dragon gameplay

There is a hell of fun, action, and excitement while playing this excellent game on your touch device. Because the graphics, the sound, and the mechanism will make you its fan. Read also about Granny Mod Apk

Features Of Hungry Dragon Apk:

Besides this lovely story of your dragon and you, the game offers plenty of features making the player get addicted to it. You will find lots of things to enjoy and worth doing. Therefore, let’s look at what this game is offering us.

Unlock Various Hunting Dragons:
The game brings plenty of content to explore. Because as you play and level up yourself, you will be able to have your own collection of ferocious flying and fire-breathing hungry dragons. Your ultimate mission will stay on making your dragon eat the other monsters, delicious prey, and training them to reach the higher ground by feasting on townsfolk.

When your dragon can eat a particular creature, it will not only increase its power but have more money by collecting gold coins appearing at the death of every animal or monster.

dragon game online

Besides this, you can have crazy costumes that let your dragon fly at a rapid speed and burn more areas in a single breath, plus eat more. Moreover, you will also be equipping exotic pets and different weird creatures to give your powers a boost.

Become A Ruler and Burner With Your Hungry Dragon:
Give your dreams a reality and become a real dragon sailor to explore different cities, fly through them or burn them depending on your mood. There are worlds of villages, high heels, vast forests, and a Goblin city to roam around with your dragon and decide their fate.

Like we said before, your hungry dragon will never satisfy its hunger because you will have to feed him more and more. You will also be smashing through the obstacles and revealing those hidden, mysterious worlds.

Get Maximum Customization of Your Dragon:
Bored with the previous look of your hungry dragon? Try something new wherever you go for a new mission because the game allows you to do several things with your dragon. Change its skin, its look, and everything on its appearance.

Fantastic Graphics:
The best thing that makes this game have millions of downloads and lots of lovers is its fantastic graphics. The game is designed in 3D gameplay where everything is smooth and on the mark. You can have immersive results while playing this game on your android touch devices.

Moreover, the background music and sounds make an everlasting impression for an excellent gamer like you.

dragon game offline

Mod Features Of Hungry Dragon Mod Apk:

In this epic dragon battle, you are going to have the mod version of the game. Here, you will be able to explore and enjoy yourself more without spending much. So, let’s take you on a journey to its mood features that are worth playing and appraising.

Unlimited Money:
Inside this mod version of the game, you will be able to find unlimited money. With this gold or coins, you will be able to increase your wealth which is only possible by completing levels and upgrading yourself. But now, you will have the unlimited money feature where there will be no scarcity of money at all.

hungry dragon game download

No Ads:
The ads were quite a problem while playing the apk version of the game. However, inside this hungry mod apk, you will find no ads disturbing or stopping you from playing. So, have this modified version on your device and make your ever-lasting impression of playing performative action gameplay.

Download The Hungry Dragon Mod Apk(Unlimited Money + No Ads)

If you are waiting desirously to have this game on your android mobile device, then wait no longer and hit the download hungry dragon mod apk button available to you on this page. Once you click it, the game will start downloading. After a while, you can explore your file menu and install this epic dragon game online to play on the smooth display of your android mobile phone. No hard and no fast rules are there to bind you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can You Play a Hungry Dragon Game Offline?
Yes, you can play the hungry dragon mod apk offline. But to access some features that are only available online, you need internet connectivity. So, make sure you have it.

Is This Game Safe To Play?
Yes, the game is perfectly safe and easy to play on your android mobile device. Just hit the hungry dragon game download button and play it effortlessly.

Final Thoughts:

Finally, if you downloaded the Hungry Dragon Mod Apk, you should start playing it just now. There are numerous worth playing features inside the game that you would love looking for. Besides this, the mod version makes it a little easier for you to go to the next level playing this legendary game efficiently on your touch device.

In the end, thanks for reading, and keep reading to find more latest updates on the latest games and apps. Have a lovely day!

Hungry Dragon Latest Version

What's new

-Various bug fixes!

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