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Explore vast war zones, scavenge for weapons, vehicles, and supplies, and battle to survive as the play area shrinks.
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17 Apr 2023
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Haven’t you gotten tired of playing the PUBG apk for a while? You need to have a good device for installing this masterpiece and enjoying its unlimited new features. Or you might want to taste something new that would be more exciting and craziest. So, welcome into the new world of the PUBG New State apk that is live now, and you can have it on your Android as well as iPhone devices. Plus, you can also play it on your PC. This game brings new content with quality graphics and loads of tasks to do. So, download the game today, install it, collect your weapons, and fall into the arena of this new battleground. You will love it and gonna play it till the end.

The PUBG New State Apk Gameplay:

From shooting to running, everything you will find inside this game is totally impressive and more celebrating. The game is set in 2051, and despite being this far, it includes massive battles and tournaments you are gonna love. One more time, KRAFTON has done a miracle for bringing this energetic and full action game into your handy devices. The royal battle gameplay of this game waits for you to enjoy optimized and more advanced gunplay. Use your favorite vehicles and become the last man standing from the team of 100 soldiers. Those who will die will leave you behind. But you must have to stay alive so that you can conquer this.

Besides this, you are gonna have killer graphics and stunning visuals over faster frame rates. Moreover, there is still much to know about the game. And nobody can explore until they don’t start playing it. So, bring the game today and forget about the worries of your life. Its Addiction and love will never let you go anywhere.

Features of PUBG New State APK:

It’s pretty obvious that you shouldn’t get into any gameplay without knowing what is best to play in it. This is described as the game features. Likewise, we are onto the PUBG New updated version, so let’s make you aware of what you will be enjoying inside this game. Be on it, and you will love to explore.

First love is the Game’s Graphics:
Yeah, you heard right about the Graphics of this epic addition for PUBG players. This game is equipped with the best quality graphics around the globe. By giving optimization with Global illumination technology, this game is on another level, much better than its predecessors. You won’t miss a single detail and find yourself immersed in the royalty of this super smooth game. You are now playing it at faster frame rates and will look like you are in a real-world like your own. Because this achieves a great level of realism with everything pinched and packed.

What else you are gonna love in this feature is the availability of the Vulkan API feature. When you enable this inside the game, you become more stable and optimized on your way. So, do not think much as you still don’t know what can make you a fan of this one. But according to us, these are stunning graphics.

Build Strategies and win wars
This game lets you collect a team of 100 players. These will fight by building their favorite and deadly strategies collaborated by their minds. And will be using many weapons to defeat the enemies. You would have to play until there is only one party remaining. And that must be you.

Moreover, to reach your destination, use the available gear, tools, Items, upgrades, and your favorite vehicles. These will all help you in your survival and keep your existence till the end.

The Gunplay is More Realistic and Dynamic Before:
Fall for this masterpiece and customize your weapons according to your best desires. Be the one to have the most advanced weapons throughout the play period. This environment for the gunplay section is totally optimized for mobile gamers as well as PC users. Nothing can kill you unless you have your own thoughts. So, strong your guns before the enemy gets over you.

Find a Next Generation Gameplay:

This game introduces new mechanisms to you inside the gameplay. You can have a lot of utilities while playing it effortlessly. This includes drone calls, as you can call for the drones inside the play. Another blessing is that you can have dodging and support requests to help you survive through the game. You can also use the new vehicles that will let you roam around the 8 x 8 world of this New State PUBG apk.

Now, nothing can stop you from running the tide into your favor. Because there are various features and objects inside the game that will help you achieve your goals.

The Original PUBG Universe is expended Now:
Now, you will have a totally changed and new battleground with this update on your devices. You will find yourself playing into the era of 2051, where everything will look extra changed. All the new functions of this game emerge into this period and bring something worth playing for you. So, leave the rest aside and bless your free time with something worth playing.

Play PUBG New State Apk on Android Mobile Phones:

The game is available for android users so that anybody can download it, install it and play it non-stop. There are no restrictions, but you must have a good device with an android version of above 6.0 and ample storage. This will take much from your smarty device to run efficiently. So, you need to make sure that your system must have these specs.

pubg new state game

However, for installing this game on your Android devices, click the PUBG New State Android button given on this page. This will lead you towards the PUBG new state download link. You can download this game without any hazards from there. So, you shouldn’t think that much.

PUBG New State system requirements for Android:

But before you go installing this new update in the PUBG universe over your android mobile phone, make sure that it has the following specifications. Because this game will only be installed and run on your system when the system contains maximum potential. These system requirements are given as follows.

  • Mediatek Helio G90T
  • , Snapdragon 675 or above This
  • Hisilicon Kirin 970 or Better
  • At Least 2 GB RAM or Higher
  • At Least Android 6.0 or higher
  • At least 4GB of free space

Play PUBG New State Apk on IOS Devices:

There is good news even for the players of the old PUBG game on IOS devices. The game is also available over all of the IOS platforms. This includes the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod, etc. But you must match the game requirements given, especially for the IOS users, as this will give you the best idea of whether your current system supports this game or not.

For installing this game, click on the PUBG New State IOS button given on this site, and this will give you the way to download this masterpiece. You will be directed to the PUBG new state app store, and you will find the game right there. So, download it on your IOS device and start playing today!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the main difference between PUBG New state apk and PUBG Battleground?
The main difference between the two games is the weapons and the textures. PUBG New state apk has been recently updated to include all the familiar PUBG weapons from the original Battlegrounds. The textures for the weapons, helmets, and vehicles have been finely tuned, and the app is now optimized for Android phones. In addition, the PUBG New state apk features a completely redesigned user interface to make gameplay even more fun and engaging. You can download this game by clicking the links given on this page.

Is PUBG New State apk Free?
Yes, this game is totally free, and you can download it from the available links. You don’t need to pay any price for enjoying this super fantastic gameplay. However, some app purchase features inside the game will require you to spend some real bucks to access them. Overall, this is good to go.

Can I play this version of the game offline?
Yes, you can play PUBG Mobile offline. You can start downloading the game and play it without an internet connection. However, there are some limitations, like you can’t get any new updates to the game. Also, if you don’t have an internet connection, you can’t play with your friends worldwide, So, if you want to play the game online, you’ll need an internet connection that works fast and keeps pace with your gameplay..

Which is the best GFX tool for PUBG: New State?
If you are also one of the PUBG addicts who want to make the game look more realistic, you can use PUBG State New graphics (the best GFX tool for PUBG). It comes with all the necessary features that will make your game look like the pro version. It has additional textures, HD meshes, and it also helps in dynamic map optimization. These features make your game look like the pro version. It’s worth giving it a try!

Will PUBG New State be as good as its predecessor?
PUBG is the most popular online survival game that has made many players happy all around the world. Now, with the new release of PUBG New State, people are asking whether it will be as famous as its battleground version or not. Therefore,  everyone is expecting PUBG New State to be something even better than what PUBG is today. Therefore, we can expect that the PUBG New State apk from time to time depends on how the developers of this masterpiece resolve its issues. And how the players tell us about their experiences from time to time. But believe me, its gonna get much more famous!

Final Thoughts:

You have fallen in love with the PUBG New State apk. Yes, you should because a game like this hardly comes in centuries and makes a stunning impact on its players. Providing you multiple platforms for playing, with excellent quality graphics and everything new, this game is gonna make you famous. You can just start it today and make your friends feel jealous. Be the one with this game on your Mobile as well as PC as there are no hard and fast rules you might face.

So, this was the latest news for today. In case you wanna hear more, stay tuned with the latest updates we will be updating on this site. Thanks for reading. Keep reading and keep playing.

What's new

- New Team Deathmatch Map: EXHIBIT HALL
- BR: Extreme (Troi) has been reworked
- New Weapons and Customizations


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