Guardian Tales Mod Apk v2.67.0 (Unlimited Money, Gems)

Embark on a quest to save Kanterbury, a land ravaged by the Invaders, where only the Legendary Guardian can restore peace!
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Do you want to play a game that is full of epic classical adventures? Wait no longer and download the Guardian Tales Mod apk that brings fun and adventure you ever wished and you never had in any game before. Now, your friends will be jealous, and you will be the only one who will play limitless. This best strategy and fascinating game is available to bring fortune for your latest Android mobile phone.

Now with the mod version, you are freer and extra present in the game than ever before. Enjoy unlimited money, unlimited gems, smooth and immersive graphics, excellent sounds and ads-free gameplay to give you something worth playing. You can easily solve the missions and become extra stronger with this modified version of Guardian Tales apk that creates your link with the classical adventures. So, get ready and start exploring as you never know what you’re gonna enjoy today!

Guardian Tales Apk Mod

Adventurous Gameplay of Guardian Tales Mod apk

The gameplay of Guardian Tales is awesome. It is a good alternative to the games of its genre. The main thing that makes this game unique is that you can build your own town with your hands. It is a single-player role-playing game based on the basic concept of levelling up your character, collecting weapons and equipment and fighting incoming enemies.

You get to control a robot to fight monsters. You get to pick from a variety of weapons and armour to protect your home from the evil monsters of the world. You can customise your robot by walking around, collecting coins and buying weapons and armour. There are also a lot of enemies that you need to fight.

Guardian Tales story
guardian tales latest version

This game offers a lot of things that a normal gamer would like. It has a lot of action and a lot of challenges as well to keep the player playing. You can also gather the most powerful army and defeat the villain. With the game, you will be able to build your own base, gather an army of guardians, and fight with the most cunning enemies. The game is good for both children and adults.

The full adventure gameplay is waiting for you to have it and make your time worth it. Indeed, Guardian tales is something extraordinary in its own race.

Features of Guardian Tales Mod Apk:

Despite the gameplay that makes you do countless things inside the game, some features are worth choosing. Therefore, let’s make you aware of all of them one by one.

Unlimited Money:
The tales of guardians mod apk gives you the versatility of having unlimited money inside the game. This gives you a chance to increase your resources, and it doesn’t matter for what purpose you increase them. Now you can choose anything you want to build your own castles, customise your characters, and go ahead easily inside the game. There are plenty of playtimes that you can enjoy with this feature inside the modded version of the which our team of developers has just added for your convenience.

Unlimited Gems:
After money, another unlimited currency is the gems. It’s a fact that Guardian Tales is a role-playing game where the player is to be the hero, and it is your job to defend the kingdom from the dark lord’s evil army. To do so, you will need to pick up the gems and coins that are placed in the right spots and use them to strengthen your troops and defences. The troops you get in the beginning will be unrefined, and you will need the gems to improve their power and hit points. You will also be able to hire special units to help you defend the kingdom, defeat the evil lord, and finally defeat the dark lord. Therefore, the guardian tales unlimited gems feature helps in doing all this pretty easily.

Wonderful Graphics and Amazing sounds:
Guardian Tales looks magnificent. It not only hails a vast wealth of 2D anime-style graphics onto mobile devices, but it presents those graphics to you in an unparalleled, highly detailed manner. So stunningly high quality are the renders and HD graphics, you’ll feel as though you’re playing this role-playing video game on a home console as opposed to a mobile device! Not only does this make for a very exciting gaming experience, but it also makes Guardian Tales one of the best-looking games available for Android at the moment.

On the other hand, the sounds are also pretty amazing that brings liveliness into your lives when you put your headphones on and start playing this amazing game.

Solve Puzzles and Enjoy Strategic Action Combat:
In Guardians tale mod apk, numerous puzzle elements are used interactively. Sometimes you will be tasked to interact with objects by using specific or unique characters or abilities. This can consist of anything from manipulating an object through explosions, mechanical devices, moving subjects around and discovering previously hidden platforms.

guardian tales puzzle

Change your squad’s build depending on their skills and fighting styles to create the best teams for certain situations. Also, enjoy strategic action combat when you start to Strategize your team’s every move with your group of 3 heroes. Now you can dick, dip, dodge and drive your way to unimaginable victories against the hard foes and massive rulers.

Challenge the Dungeons and Keep your territory safe:
It’s said that no matter what evil you find yourself facing, nothing is more powerful than a good team. Add to your ranks powerful heroes by earning gold to build up your army. You’ll have to take them with you on quests to help you fight past traps and monsters threatening the uneasy peace in Azadon Empire. Only the best will be able to make it through, but with your epic band of heroes, there’s nothing you can’t overcome together.

guardian tales apk

Therefore, besides the basic puzzle-solving quests, you’ll have to fight and challenge your way through locked dungeons as well. At the end of each dungeon, you’ll have a tough boss to defeat. We want you to know that this will be totally doable with your squad of powerful heroes; no evil shall overwhelm you.

Collect More Heroes and Weapons:
In the Guardians Tale mod apk, players can collect and use more than 100 different weapons and 50 heroes. That varied selection offers a variety that will satisfy everyone, from ardent collectors looking to stock up to warriors who revel in creativity and customisation. Every gamer wants a unique assortment of items, so each character and weapon combination achieves a specific battleground purpose. The immersive gameplay is driven forward by beautifully rendered graphics, diverse music tracks, sound effects, and an original storyline that unfolds as you progress through the game.

guardian tales heroes

Collect Your friends and create your Guild with them:
Guardians Tale is a mobile RPG that allows you to collect and level up a team of different characters you can control during the battles. Defeat your enemies by taking advantage of their strengths and outsmarting them; practising often will make you a formidable opponent! But remember! not every battle has to end with bloodshed; Guardians Tale also connects players worldwide as they help each other build homes using our Build Mode. In addition to this, players can also connect with other members from across the globe to take on new adventures!

Give Customisation to your Castle:
In Guardians Tale, your floating island castle somewhere in the middle of nowhere is the haven for all heroes. As an indirect leader to these heroic rogues, it’s your responsibility to make sure they’re equipped and supplied with everything they need (and do not need) to go on their adventure quests. Want to make it a cool fortress? Or, maybe you want to make your base look super retro -or- even funny and ridiculous looking? It’s all on you how to customise it.

Two modes to play:
There are two modes in the game, the story mode and the battle mode. In the story mode, your character will go through a series of quests and collect gold, equipment etc. In battle mode, you have to fight incoming enemies and try to protect your city. To do this, you have to buy weapons and equipment from the story mode.

guardian tales modes

Ads-free Gameplay:
In all the games, you have to pay to get rid of ads. You can’t find a single game that allows you to play ads for free on the web. But there is a strategy to play Guardian tales without any ads on Android. It is not a hack but a legitimate way to play Guardian tales on Android. Download the mod version of this game and make yourself worthy of playing ads-free gameplay while exploring adventures and fighting battles.

Guardian Tales Coupon Code:

A Guardian Tales coupon code is a code that is assigned to members when they enter the site. These codes are used when buying Guardian Tales games to get what players call “discounts”. These coupon codes are used when shopping online in order to receive discounts when purchasing the game.

Our game generator allows you to afford whatever extra things you want without spending real money on them. It can be hard to earn more gold for buying what you need. We recommend our Guardian Tales Apk because the developer sometimes releases codes that give you more stamina, letting you play longer before worrying about running out of energy or waiting for it to recharge!

guardian tales coupon Codes

Therefore, there are several coupon codes as given below that you can use inside the game. Please have a look.

  • Archenemy
  • M1R1FT
  • Shenmountain
  • Warlord
  • Skgrdn
  • TR4V3L

How to use Guardian tales codes on Android?

For using these codes on your android mobile device, you can do the following things.

  1. First, open the game.
  2. Click on the little cog that is present in the top right corner of your mobile’s screen
  3. Click on the Account Settings
  4. Then click on Enter Coupon code
  5. Now, type your coupon code and press enter
  6. Your coupon code is now active. Enjoy your game time.

Download The Guardians Tale Mod apk (Unlimited Money & gems)

Click on the download guardian mod apk button given on this page and download the game in no time. The game is ready to run on your android device.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this game safe to play?
Yes, the game is totally safe to play, and it gives no harm to your device. Just download it, install it and enjoy the endless fun.

Is the guardian Tales mod apk available for free?
Yes, you will have to pay no price even for accessing its in-app purchases features. They are all free and unlocked in this mod version of the game given here. So, install it and enjoy it nonstop.

Final Thoughts:

We are sure that you have downloaded this epic adventure Guardian Tales Mod apk on your android device and have no difficulties making records. So, keep playing limitless, enjoy your game, build your castle, play with friends, explore, roam and do whatever you want to do inside this game. Nobody is going to stop you.

Moreover, also stay tuned for more latest updates on other exciting games. May the blessings be on your way, and you never stop playing!

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